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Coronavirus has become the most important agenda worldwide, shortly after the first deaths in Wuhan, China.

Within a few months, the World Health Organization declared pandemic and declared that global human beings are facing a global epidemic.

In parallel with these developments, serious and radical transformations have taken place and continue, from the curfews around the world to the transition to total online education, the movement of armored tanks on the streets, diplomatic wars for medical aid products of global actors.

Eximman Group closely follows recent developments and tries to develop solutions for the problems encountered.



As Eximman Group Textile, our company, which has been operating since 2017, redefine each of the production, import and export processes, which are the three main steps of traditional trade, with an innovative perspective.

The transformation seen in the structure of traditional trade with the increasing effect of technology; we are reshaping for production, export and import.

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E-Commerce Products

Innovative and different products for internet sellers. We offer innovative and different products for pets, medical, vehicle groups and home decoration.

International E-Commerce

We manage product supply and development processes for customers selling on Amazon.com. We follow up product finding, analysis, product development, shipping and all other trading processes.


With the dropshipping method, we provide e-commerce companies the ability to sell without stocks. We track transactions such as warehouse and stock management on your behalf.

Eximman Academy

We provide special Amazon and national sales platform training for those who want to do E-Commerce in our country or internationally.

Online E-Commerce Platforms

We are providing trend analysis and developing new products for our international customers who sell on different platforms such as Amazon, e-bay or Shopify.

24/7 Support

We support you in all e-commerce processes.

Why Choose Us?


Thanks to our team that closely follows the developments in the world, we present new ideas to you.

Advanced Product Supply

We control production processes instantly with our own production workshops.


Our design team instantly offers you the products you want.

Quick Reaction

We remove obstacles to achieve a successful result very quickly, without drowning in unnecessary details.

Süreç Yönetimi

Müşteri-hizmet ilişkisinin ötesinden tüm karar alma süreçlerinden nihai satışlara kadar sizlerle know-how'ımızı paylaşıyoruz.


We develop with various partnerships with flexible goods and service production methods and distribute the risk factor.

Exımman Opportunities

As Eximman Group, we offer you our possibilities and capabilities in e-commerce management processes.

Product Design 97%

Production Line 99%

E-commerce Processes 98%

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